Behind The Film

Behind-the-scenes services to launch and market your film

Dark Red is an independent film company. And Behind The Film is a video show revealing how independent films are made.

Hey, I’m Cory.

I’m passionate about making stories from my imagination, and seeing them come to life in a collaborative way with the people that I work with on set.

I’m a strong believer in film being an art form, and a way to express a story in an artistic way. Films aren’t just “projects” to methey’re much more. My films are very personal and come from deep within.

If you watch my films, in a way, you’re getting to know me. My hope is that they speak to you in some way that you can relate with, so you and I can know we have something in common. 🙂


Current Project:
Brother (2018) — In Post-production. Release date: Unannounced
Next Project: Hidden (2019) — In Pre-production. Release date: Fall 2019


Check out the Get Involved page if you’d like to see if we can have you help out with an upcoming film.