Behind The Film

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Dark Red is an independent film company. And Behind The Film is a video show revealing how independent films are made.

Behind The Film—Video Show

An objective and subjective video show, exploring the art of filmmaking.
by Cory McCabe


Movie and Trailer Breakdowns

Click above image to watch video! ⬆️

Click above image to watch video! ⬆️

I dive deep into trailer philosophy and give my subjective opinion and objectives thoughts on the up-coming movie.

I point out things you may not have noticed, and make comments about what you can expect to see from any movie from the trailer.

Watch video above! 👆🏼

Watch video above! 👆🏼

So, you like movies. Most everyone does.

You follow a few TV shows, and have a couple favorite movies that meant a lot to you over the years. I’m the same.

I want to show you a greater appreciation and love for movies and TV shows.

Film is an art form, and thousands of people work in the film industry. Actually, hundreds of thousands—NAY… ☝🏼


According to the Motion Picture Association of American, the film industry in the U.S. alone supported 2.1 million jobs, and $139 billion in total wages in 2016.


That’s not even accounting for the fully independent and self-employed filmmakers–AND that was back in 2016. Crazy.

Millions of people work in the film industry, which is a form of art, and I want to bring YOUR attention to the beauty of it and appreciation for the filmmaking process.


How I Make Films


Behind The Film also follows the process of how I make films, how I direct actors, where I set up the camera, and why I make the decisions I make.



My goal with these videos is to eventually make the most in-depth behind-the-scenes material that allows people to look at film with an entirely new and interesting perspective.




Learn how I make independent films, and get a new perspective on movies